Please note, unless superseded by a subsequent agreement, the terms of this agreement shall apply to the items described in the above proposal and attached invoice.  The pricing provided in this proposal are valid for 30 days.  If the proposal is not signed within 30 days, the pricing provided in the proposal is subject to an additional 10% to 15% increase, as the prices of flowers may vary with the season. 

Any additions or changes made to the signed agreement must be submitted in written form by the bride/groom or an appointed acting party.  Reductions in the customer’s proposal should not exceed 15% of the customer’s signed agreement.  Additions to the proposal are welcome up to 20 days before the scheduled event date.  Any changes in color, design or scheme must be submitted to The Flower Guy Bron at least 45 days in advance of the scheduled event date.  Changes in color, design or scheme submitted within 45 days of an event will be subject to additional fees.

Should it become necessary, The Flower Guy Bron will provide any substitutions that must be made to the wedding order due to seasonal product issues, availability, or any other unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances.  

The Flower Guy Bron agrees to deliver the order to the location identified above on the date specified in the proposal.  A representative of the wedding party or an appointed acting party must be present to sign and/or verbally approve the order.  It is hereby agreed by both parties that upon delivery and approval/acceptance of the order, the customer acknowledges that The Flower Guy Bron has fulfilled all obligations of this contract.  Please note that the customer assumes all responsibility for the condition of the flowers and other goods after delivery, setup, and approval/acceptance. 

The customer agrees to pay in full all applicable delivery and service fees associated with the proposal. 

Please send all correspondence to The Flower Guy Bron at or (804) 223-2350.  Thank you for trusting us to participate in making your day special.